Hello and welcome to The Life of Loza. Name may change, as I have changed since I decided I was writing this blog.


May I introduce myself to you as Laura, a 25-year-old, recent graduate of ALRA in England.

Originally from the States, I decided to study in England as I consider England to be home. It just feels right.

Now that I am out of school, I’m spending my time figuring out what I really want from life. It has changed in the last year and now I’m sorting it all out. In my free time, you can find me having a desire to travel and wrap myself in new cultures, drinking tea, attempting to re-style my wardrobe, or just bumble about town.

I’m really here to write about my journey so that I can reflect on it and watch myself grow. I want to write more and figured blogging would be a good way to do so, as well as connecting with others.

I hope you enjoy and please say hello as you arrive on my page.


All the love xx